08 February 2017
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Scottish shellfish exports

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United Kingdom
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Premium live
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Packed, Organic
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JPL Shellfish (Scotland) Ltd, export live Scottish seafood across the World on a daily basis. We specialise in exports to the Far East including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore & Japan but also export across Europe and America. We have over 22 years experience in this business and we select and handle our live product with great care to ensure low mortality rates when shipping by air freight across the world. The main types of Scottish seafood we supply are Blue Lobster, Brown crab, Razor clams, Langoustines, Dived King Scallops and Winkles but we also sell Wild Scottish salmon and many other types of fresh white fish. Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and we will deal with your enquiry quickly and effeiciently.

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