15 May
100% natural pistachio nuts and others for sale - product's photo
$ 600 / per 50 kg.

100% Natural Pistachio nuts and others for Sale

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Company name
globaltrade sales coltd
Product located
United Kingdom, england, london
Brand name
Product features
Pistachio nuts,Hazelnut,Cashew nut,Almond,Green Cardamom,sunflower oil,Palm oil,Hulled Hemp Seeds,Mung Bean ,Fresh onion,Frozen Fresh Shrimp
Product status
Product type
Packed, Organic
Primary package
New thin jute bags in 8/9/10/25/40 Kgs - New PP bags in 8/9/10/25/40 Kgs
Amount in the package
50 kg. per bag
Quantity Of (boxes, cases, etc)
50 ton in the 40 HC cont. (76m³)
Quantity available
50 unit per days
Shelf life
6 months
Country original
Shipment terms
Product description
Globaltradelink sales, Ltd is one company specialized in Agriculture , Food and Seafood , which is presented for farming, factories, Wholesalers, Supermarket Chains, including business, trade and all association of farmers. It's proud to say that we're one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of products.We have exported the products to all over the world such as China, UK, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh And our products are considered as leading products as good quality and the cheapest price from partners everywhere on the globe. With many years of experience, it has fostered extensive knowledge of the products and market to our company which has built the confidence to our customers with the best. -NUTS:- -Pistachio Nuts -Hazelnut -Pine nut -Cashew nut -Macadamia nut -Green Cardamom -Pine nut -Almond -Walnut -OILS:- -Canola oil - Palm oil -sunflower oil -Colza oil -Hulled Hemp Seeds -Mung Bean -Chia Seeds -Flax -Sesame -Goji -Grade Cocao -Fresh onion -Thailand black pepper -Skim Milk Powder -FROZEN WHOLE CHICKEN -Frozen Fresh Shrimp AND OTHERS -etc. We also have other products that are not on the list, so if you need something that is not listed, feel free to ask for more information. contact:- Email: globaltradelinks900@gmail.com phone/WhatsApp:+447451236689

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